Fly-In Destinations in Outback Australia

Seen my latest hot destinations? Check 'em out:

Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm, Kimberley coast, WA

Ross River Resort, NT

Pooncarie on the Darling River, western NSW

Sydney Harbour - a scenic flight you're never going to forget.

And a brand new, quick 4-day easy-to-plan regional NSW safari.

The iconic Bullo River Station, NT

This is the fun bit. Discovering new destinations to fly into and spend some time getting to know the locals is one of the great pleasures in life. You may even find you love some places so much, you keep going back. Well, that's allowed too.

That's the incredible Mount Mulligan Lodge in far north Queensland. It's one of scores of destinations around Australia that I want you to know about. Using light aircraft we have access to some of the most fabulous properties you've never even heard of, all across this big old country of ours.

Barnbougle Golf Course, northern Tasmania.

Start with the Destinations list over on the right-hand side of this page, choose a particular State, and see where it takes you. I've only talked about my favourites, so come shopping for some ideas ......

Northern Territory's Ross River airstrip

And in the meantime, get that leave pass organised . You're gonna need plenty of it ...