Mount Mulligan Lodge

Outback Luxury

I tend to get a bit excited when we find a new destination that's good enough to share here on Flying the Outback.  Well, can I just say, after visiting Mt Mulligan Lodge I'm beside myself - it's a knockout!

Chilled glasses of bubbly were placed into our hands within 30 seconds of arriving ... we already love this place!

So I'll bore you senseless with raves and photos til you're all throwing things at me. It's just a beautiful patch of Australia that works for fly-in visitors because of its dedicated owners and hardworking staff.

The stunning Mount Mulligan catches the early morning sun.

Get your bearings on the map here, but Mount Mulligan Lodge is situated at the base of the majestic (and little known) Mount Mulligan, silhouetting the skyline with its 18km long escarpment. It's 150kms north-west of Cairns. So we're in the tropics of Far North Queensland where the pace is cruisey, the days are relaxed and, frankly,  you're just never gonna want to leave.

We were their first fly-in visitors in fixed wing aeroplanes. We flew three aircraft in - a Falco, a Mooney M20J and a Cessna 182. Have a yarn to Sam the manager before you fly in to make sure it's suitable for your particular aircraft. Most visitors drive the 2.5 hour 4WD route from Cairns or hop onboard a 35 minute scenic helicopter flight from Cairns. Some even just come for lunch ... but you're going to want to stay a while.

The more remote, the better! Their dirt airstrip suited us just fine.

Did I mention you are going to get very spoilt up here?

And you are resolutely forbidden to feel guilty about calling this room home whilst you're here. Luxury like this is why we all work. It's what life's memories are made of. So soak it up, and enjoy the treat.

This is five star luxury in far north Queensland's outback. Their all-inclusive tariff means a well stocked bar, gourmet food and guided property tours are all part of the experience.


Jump into the tub on your front deck for a decadent afternoon treat or head out to the weir for the best swim you've ever had in that freshest of fresh water.  I asked one of the staff if there was anything in the water that wanted me for lunch and she replied "Nah - just barramundi and turtles".

Throw a line in, or throw yourself in ...

The barramundi population was one hundred percent safe, despite Rossy's best angling efforts ...

Sunset drinks for the six air adventurers. Cheers!

On our first afternoon, we all grabbed a buggy and headed up the hill for sunset drinks. There's a dedicated sunset bar with dress circle views over that magic mountain, and it's where we got to know our fellow guests. Great fun, and bingo - a full moon.

Hop into my photo gallery for loads more incentive to give this place a go. You're not going to be sorry. It's one of those hidden gems that is so worth the effort to get there.