Sydney Harbour

The Ultimate Show Pony

"OMG - ARE YOU KIDDING ME? We're allowed to DO this!!??"  I'm laughing so much I have to remember where I am. Third born child, Abby, is in the right-hand seat next to me just about to implode with excitement.

Sometimes they don't mind spending a morning with Mum ...

We've got the massive span of the Harbour Bridge off our wing tip, our nose is sweeping past Circular Quay and its fleet of green and gold ferries and WOW, here comes the most recognizable House in the business.

Slow down, get some flap out and have your camera ready!

Let's be honest - you've put a heap of time, cash and sweat into getting your pilot's licence. Sydney "Harbour Scenic One" is a flight that makes all that worthwhile.

Do your homework on procedures, choose a bluebird day, file a flight plan and you can expect Sydney's air traffic control to open the gates to the best half hour you can have sitting down. Extend it up or down the coast and you can make a day of it if you want.

Manly Beach, the curtain-raiser.

Starting out on the coast at Manly, you will (most of the time!) be approved to track across the lower north shore directly to the Harbour Bridge at 1,500ft. I must say, Covid does have one advantage ... very little jet traffic.

Don't miss the beautiful Middle Harbour as you track across to the bridge. Just glance north!

You won't be needing any maps or GPS magenta lines on this leg! Just look out the front and head for Show Pony Central. The bridge stands out for miles, so does Barangaroo, Centrepoint and the entire mass of highrisers that shape the city's skyline.

Playing second fiddle to the CBD, that's North Sydney you've got off your wing-tip just north of the Bridge.

So here's where you'll want to slow everything down, take a deep breath and absorb that drop-dead gorgeous vista of our town while you fly a few neat little orbits overhead.

I always feel that a Harbour Scenic flight is always such a privilege to be able to do. And such a treat to offer friends or family. They won't believe the dress circle view of our magnificent harbour, the old grey coat-hanger and those internationally famous white sails.

And don't forget to look west up the harbour too - that's just as stunning!

When you've turned and clicked, turned and clicked, you say goodbye to the Opera House and you then get to zoom down the middle of the Harbour out to the Heads and take your pick whether to return to Manly or add on a spectacular flight north or south low level along the cliffs of the coast.

Icons everywhere ... the famous Bondi Beach is just around the corner!

Have a look at my full Gallery of pics for a few highlights I've captured over the years.