Destination : New South Wales

New South Wales

If ever there was a state where you need to get away from the hugely populated coast, and out of radar range of those cities, it’s this one.

Packsaddle Roadhouse and airstrip, far west NSW.

Once you cross the Great Dividing Range and start heading west – something seems to happen.  Your shoulders relax a little, you breathe a lot deeper and you find yourself reaching for that OFF button on your mobile. Good thing too, as it probably won’t be working by now.

A lot of the outback destinations in NSW can easily be enjoyed over a long weekend. Even if you fly from, say, Sydney to Broken Hill in the far west of the state, it’s only about three hours, depending on the type of aircraft. Property owners have opened their doors to tourism and know the sense in providing time-poor visitors with a unique country experience, so it’s our solemn duty to give them mouths to feed and beds to make up. Choose one from the list over on the right.

But because we’re a state of huge diversity, any flying along the coastal fringe is going to be absolutely breath-taking as well. In fact, if anyone visiting Sydney has the opportunity of doing a Sydney Harbour Scenic flight, do it.  One company I know of, Red Baron, will fly you and your mate in a matching pair of Pitts Specials – it looks awesome from the ground, and it’s ten times better from up there.

Another winner if you’re in Sydney is taking a flight with Sydney Harbour Seaplanes up the beaches to any number of gorgeous restaurants or private beaches. If you must remain tethered to the coast for some reason, there are some secluded and isolated regions in the far south that could easily make you forget you’re in a crowded state.

Anyway, where was I?