Mungo Lodge

Mungo Lodge

With the well maintained airstrip at your door, Mungo Lodge is a definite starter on any itinerary that takes you near that beautifully diverse country all around the border town of Mildura.

Once you have tied your aircraft down in the parking area, you only have about 20 paces to reach the first of the luxury cabins that form a neat semi-circle around the main lodge.

Drop your bags, and head for the bar and restaurant where you'll find all the trappings of a sophisticated weekender, in the middle of nowhere.

There are tours on offer that will introduce you to the history of the area, with an up-close look at the Great Wall of China - a geological show-pony made by wind and LOTS and LOTS of sand!

We included Mungo on a four-night Easter trip recently, (see our route here) which worked really well. Plenty of suitable waypoints for refuelling, and it gave everyone a good idea of the changing landscape as we headed west through to South Australia.

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