Red Centre weaves its magic

Wine, women and a knockout sunset on the dunes of Big Red ... can't think of a better reason for huge smiles all round. A handful of pilots and their mates on our recent Red Centre Air Adventure take a break from flying, and enjoy a sunset tour out of Birdsville.

Meet Voula (C172 pilot), Toni, Kate (Sling pilot), Judy (Piper Arrow pilot), Pip and Sal.

We were on the second night of our trip, a ten-day safari which brought 19 people and eight light aircraft together for a pretty unforgettable odyssey through the outback.

With my great mate and partner in crime Catherine Fitzsimons, who runs WardAir at Bathurst, we always knew an itinerary labeled "Red Centre" was going to be popular .... well, ain't that the truth. This was the fourth and final of Catherine's and my Training Tours for this year, and what a way to finish!


How relaxed does Voula look? What she's NOT thinking about is her job back in Melbourne! Voula flew a C172 throughout the trip, sharing the flying (and therefore the costs!) with another private pilot, Brian - a really workable arrangement that meant they could take the workload in turns.

Total hours over the trip added up to about 35. Nice addition to the logbooks!  Read more about our Red Centre air adventure here.


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