Reporting in …

What can I say? It's hard to be humble, OK? My previous efforts on the dry end of a fishing reel aren't what you'd call noteworthy. So I intend to produce this photo at every opportunity, whether it's relevant to the text or not, for the rest of my life. I think that's fair enough. If you reckon you'd like to try and beat my big beautiful black jewie, then hop on up to Kimberley Coastal Camp and put your money where your mouth is.

Meanwhile, time in the air means no time at the keyboard. That's got to be a happy thing, but it doesn't do much for my blog currency, so here's a quick update. From a slow beginning entering the world of instructing in 2016, the pace has picked up, particularly in the last six months. To combine training with the surprise bonus of doing it at outback locations has been gold, so I'll be trying my hardest to keep this going.

The training tours we run in both Curtis Aviation and WardAir aircraft have been waaaay too much fun when we're all meant to be working hard, students included. Have a read here and see what they're all about.

In a nutshell, instead of offering navigation training in and out of your home airfield for a couple of hours, we take a small fleet of aircraft away on a cross-country adventure for anything up to 13 days. Think Gulf of Carpentaria, Margaret River, Tasmania, Red Centre. As long as students have completed their first solo, they can come! My partner in crime in all of this is WardAir's Catherine Fitzsimons and we're out to give our troops the most memorable flying adventure we can muster. We also welcome licensed pilots who'd prefer not to do a long-distance safari on their own. Oh, and by the way, they're not just for girls ...

Anyway, email me or leave a comment below if you want to know more, or be put on our mailing list for a heads-up on future trips.

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