Has Lake Eyre finally done her finest … ?

Mother Nature doing her finest - a look back to Lake Eyre in May 2011

As we all know, Lake Eyre has flooded for four consecutive years, thanks to deluge rains across Queensland's Channel Country feeding the rivers and creeks that in turn feed into the northern part of the lake.

If you're going to fly out and see the birdlife and the beautiful canvas of pastels that this inland sea is turning on for visitors, then you'd probably better go sooner rather than later.

ABC News reports this morning:

"The water lever is falling in Lake Eyre but it may not dry up until the end of the year.

Tony Magor from the South Australian Environment Department said this year's flooding had not matched the high levels of previous years.

'The initial water that was in it from the big rains in late February, a lot of that had dissipated,' he said.

Lake Eyre North now has 15 percent surface coverage, down from 85 percent in March. The southern lake area is about 40 percent covered."

Not surprisingly, local William Creek air charter operator Trevor Wright is still waxing lyrical about his Kingdom at the Centre of the Universe out here, and reporting enthusiastically about the number of tourists flocking to the area, ticking a visit to the historical spectacle off their Bucket List. Onya Trev.

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