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In the history of bad ideas, this one's bound to be a standout. I've decided as a blogger, I'm an excellent failure. Apparently, to be modern, I'm supposed to update my website with riveting snippets on a daily basis. Since the last time I formally checked in was more than a year ago, I could be a bit behind schedule. So, if you have no idea who I am, I don't blame you. Some days I'm not sure either. So I thought I'd turn over a new leaf and try to improve my once a year appearance with once a week. That's a 5200 percent improvement coming up. I am nothing if not optimistic.

Anyway, I'm starting the ball rolling today with one of my favourite destinations of 2015: the stunning Lily Dutch Windmill in the south-west corner of WA. Fly or drive - you've just gotta get yourself a leave pass. Go check it out here.

I actually have a really good excuse for not communicating much during 2015; I seemed to spend it wearing a headset and living out of a seven kilo piece of luggage. That was all with YOU in mind, so I could get behind the prop and go seek out some new outback destinations to tell you about. Here's how 2015 went:

March - heaps of short flights around NSW, instrument flying practice, photographic classes

Easter - 5 aircraft safari throughout western NSW

April - girls-only trip in the C182 down to Launceston and back for the Australian Women Pilots' Association AGM and conference. Very fun times, very mischievous squad of women, and some excellent waypoints on the way down. I need to tell you about a couple of the highlights actually - Mountain Seas on Flinders Island in Bass Strait and Brown Bros winery near Wangaratta. (Coming up.)

May - Darwin and surrounds (work assignment)

June - UK and western Europe w Rossy (captain Qantas did all the work)

August - 3 week air safari to far north Queensland (work assignment), including Longreach (here's that story).

October - 3 week air safari to south-west WA (half work, mostly play, definitely awesome). Read Part 1 here.

Missing months - doing what almost earns me a living: writing.

See you next week ... OMG, the pressure.

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