Finally, someone who GETS it!

Shandonvale Station, central outback Queensland - take a bow. You GET that visitors to your place are interested in what you do. It's actually why we come. You GET that we city folk won't know too much about running a 15,000 acre sheep property. You GET that we'd be bowled over if you'd help us learn a little about that.

(I'm the first to admit, I'm a city girl. The geography where you grow up has something to do with that. There's not much we can do about it, unless we trade in our parents at birth, but that's starting to get really weird.)

And, Shandonvale, you GET that we'd be rapt if you happily haul us into your home while we're there, to share a meal, a beer and swap some stories.

You do it beautifully, and that's what I'm here to share. Read my review on my most recent A-Lister of outback destinations - Shandonvale Station.

Then get that leave pass organised.


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