Final days for the Birdsville punt??

Bit of random News from Weatherzone ...

Floodwaters which have cut the Birdsville Track in the outback for months are receding fast.

A car ferry has been operating on the Cooper Creek since June to get travellers and locals past the waters, in the far north-east of South Australia.

Alan Morris from the Transport Department says the Track is drying out, but water is still more than three metres deep at the ferry crossing point. He says more than 6,000 people have crossed the floodwaters in the past five months.

"There's a lot of people who have really wanted to take up the chance to travel on the ferry in the middle of the desert," he said. "The key thing for us is to close the punt at some stage and open the road concurrently so it'll be very important that we time that well.

There was heavy rain east of the Cooper Creek which flooded low-lying areas.

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