Cockpit fever

There's a lot to be said for loving your job. Spending five or six hours a day in the confined space of a c172 cockpit may not be a diary highlight for most, but it beats the hell out of the kitchen sink. There's not an iron in sight up here and I'm happily in denial about the overflowing laundry waiting at home. Works for me. Hey wait, maybe the kids will have done it all? (Hmmm, see how easy it is to be become dillusional in the outback ......) So, it's a writing assignment that currently has me in Alice Springs for 5 days. Two of us flew the c172 up to Darwin via Adels Grove about ten days ago. Were blessed with great weather and even better tailwinds crossing the top end, thank God, as we needed to cover plenty of miles each day. Spent a week in Darwin - interviewing, flying and filming before flying down here to Alice via Tindal and Tennant Creek on Sunday.

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