Home of The Devil's Marbles

... whatever they are ... !

Sometimes it's the most unexpected locations that win our hearts. The blink-and-you'll-miss-it truck stop of Wauchope on the Stuart Highway, just south of Tennant Creek in NT made for a memorable stopover on Day 4 of our WardAir Red Centre air adventure recently.

See this airstrip?  Exactly 24 hours before this shot was taken on the afternoon we all landed here, there was NO airstrip. It looked like the surrounding scrubby bushland. One of Catherine's previous students who lives on the nearby property spent the day hauling out trees and grading the entire strip into shape for us. Ben Saint, take a bow. You are a LEGEND.

We were here to visit the Devil's Marbles, a geological formation of perfectly rounded rocks ... and to have a very cold G&T, actually two, a big steak, a dip in the pool and a long sleep!

TICK - that all happened.  What a great little find in the middle of nowhere. Check out my pics and keep it in mind if you're ever up this way. Give the Devil's Marbles pub a call to check the current condition of the strip. (Ph: 08 8964 1963)