Outback Queensland Classic

Bang on the border of NSW and Queensland, and waaaay west of the coast, Hungerford crept onto my Favourites list the first time we landed here.  Since then, no matter who we're with, as long as we're heading up north to Queensland, we'll always book in here for our first night's stay.

There's no bells and whistles with this border crossing. Just a rusty old sign on the Qld side saying "Please close the gate." Fair enough.

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We're legally over the border ... it still feels sneaky!

Now that you're here, you'll be introduced to the soul of this tiny desert-bound outpost - the Royal Mail Hotel. I love it when there's only one place to stay, SO uncomplicated.

Anyway, it's an absolute classic, this one. You know you're in for something a bit different when you're greeted outside the pub by the two old pensioners who've been waiting for the bus for about fifteen years.

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Don't ask ...

Inside the pub's tiny front bar, you'll be made to feel right at home by publican, Graham Fitch. Graham reckons they're always up to some sort of mischief out here and chances are they'll try and get you involved too. Before you've downed too many refreshing beverages, try your hand at the pin-the-note-on-the-ceiling challenge; well, good luck with that one. soon.

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Social distancing during Covid in the front bar of the pub.
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Population 7. What's not to love about that?

You'll be assured of a comfy bed and home cooked meal at prices that are going to make you smile. You might be sharing your shower with a little band of local frogs but show me an outback bathroom that doesn't offer such harmless companionship whilst you're scrubbing off your red dirt. They probably haven't seen anything quite like you before, so just get over it and let them sit there in peace.

Whilst we're on the subject of sitting there in peace, frogs love toilet bowls so don't invite them in by leaving the bloody lid up when you've finished, OK?

Make sure you call Graham and book a room before you get here, then just buzz the pub as you're overhead, and he'll make sure someone comes out to pick you up.