Flinders Island, Great Australian Bight, SA

Under the radar

I asked my well-travelled pilot friends Jeff Wittig and Deanna Knutson to give me a favourite spot that they've flown into. I've since joined them for an Easter break on this remote little island, and agree wholeheartedly with their appraisal. Have a read:

One place that few people have experienced is Flinders Island - not the one in Bass Strait, but the tiny island in South Oz, offshore from Elliston.

Flinders is a beautiful private island where you can rent a large home sitting on the eastern shore (www.flindersgetaway.com).  The grass airstrip is right next to the house.  All bedding and household utensils are provided.  Water, electricity, and BBQ are all available. Your ability to pack as much food and wine as you legally can into your aircraft will determine how long you’ll stay.  The views surrounding your cottage are fantastic, and the only noise you’ll hear is the sound of the water lapping the shoreline.

Here’s the bonus – whenever we have visited, the very genial owner, Peter Woolford, has provided a couple of tinnies for fishing and two old 4WD's for exploring. The home is more than adequate for up to five couples. We’ve been here with three and four couples without a problem. Peter uses the island to raise sheep, which you see occasionally.  He has an old cottage north of the house and spends some time there during the year but lives on the mainland.


You can do as little or as much as you can fit in for the time you are here.  Where else can you walk the shores barefoot in your pyjamas with your brekkie in hand and return a couple of hours later?  Put on your hiking boots and explore the rocky coast or a dusty sheep trail to wherever it takes you.  Hook the tinnie up behind the old truck and head across the island to a special fishing spot to catch your next meal.  One trip while fishing we were visited by more than a hundred dolphins who stayed to entertain us for a couple of hours. That was just magical! On another fishing trip we found some tall sand dunes on the shore and spent the rest of the day having races up and down them – such fun.

There are so many fantastic places that we have flown to.  All are good in their own special way. Some places we were there alone and some with many other aircraft and people.  Even trips with mechanical difficulties have had good memories; problems were solved no matter how difficult and we continued on. It’s not only about the friends that you travel with but the new friends that you meet along the way.  This has stirred so many good memories from my mind that I think I’ll be spending tonight searching for the next destination for our next safari. Happy flying!

Deanna Knutson and Jeff Wittig, Wangaratta, Vic
Piper Comanche VH-JGW