Emma Gorge

The Shy Little Sister

Emma Gorge is about a ten minute flight over the range from El Questro.

Roller coaster of an airstrip livens things up at Emma Gorge!

The airstrip is pretty interesting. I don't think there was a lot of time wasted on flattening out this piece of Australia during construction. There's a very festive ski jump towards one end, making landing and take-off pretty character building.

To tell you the truth,  I was personally completely stuffed by the time we arrived here on a particularly energetic safari with pilots way younger than me. So after we landed and threw bags on beds,  I was in slothful heaven - along with three other equally wise pilots of about my vintage I may add - as we took up our cushioned positions on the resort-style deck with very civilised bar facilities about four steps away, sipping on freezing G&Ts and watching the Kimberley sky do its thing all afternoon.  Precisely what the chiropractor ordered.

Meanwhile, the young things went off in search of the wonderful sounding Emma Gorge waterfall, which they found after a half hour gorgeous trek through the tropical scrub; had a fabulous swim and tried to rave about it when they got back but it was falling on deaf disinterested ears.

Our accomm was in comfy permanent tents, albeit a bit of a trek from the main dining/bar area, but with ensuite and cute little entertaining area out the front. Our row of tents was in the perfect sunset position for when the lovely Emma struts her stuff - turning the massive rock gorges nearby from red to deeper red. Just more of that  gotta-be-there-to-appreciate landscape.

Emma Gorge is part of the El Questro empire.