Bullo River Station

Unmissable Australian experience

I do a fair bit of touring around this big old country of ours, and one thing I do pay attention to is how a new place makes me FEEL. This is sometimes thanks to the people running the show, or it may be that the landscape delivers Wow moments at every turn.

After recently visiting Bullo River Station for a couple of days, I need to restructure the rungs on my rave ladder. It's now sitting squarely in my top three fly-in Australian destinations, ever! Hand-on-heart, I can promise you're going to love Bullo.

This massive cattle station in western Northern Territory has been on my radar for years, but I have always resisted planning a visit there for some reason. Anyway, since a change of ownership and management over the past two years, I decided to call in with a bunch of our mates in a few aeroplanes and check it out.

Can I just say - really good idea. They've thrown out an immaculate welcome mat in the form of a faultless 1600m grass airstrip, metres from the homestead. In fact, you'll be able to keep watch on those precious wings from your bed. Bullo River itself runs into the massive expanse of the Victoria River, the certified home of Barramundi, crocs and all manner of wild things. The surrounding ranges and red rock gorges puts the property into postcard territory around every bend.

During your stay at Bullo, you're immersed in the day to day action of a real working property and are invited to get amongst it - as close as you like, really. Station boss, Daniel, and his wife Sarah know a thing or two about good customer service and you'll be on the receiving end of some of the most genuine and professional outback hospitality on offer anywhere in the outback.

What's to do out here? There's a dozen choices of activities including a full run-down on Bullo's cattle breeding program, chopper rides (you will NOT regret one cent), fishing, horse riding, river cruises, station tours, sundowners and wonderful catering.

At the end of your day, you'll fall into stunningly stylish rustic accommodation in the quarters adjacent that famous old historical homestead many of us know from Sara Henderson’s books. You'll dream of cattle rustling and big blue skies ... the good bit is, you're not dreaming. Come on out!