Bamurru Plains

Where the wild things are ...

Next time you find yourself with a few too many jumpers on in the middle of an Australian winter, have a think about checking out of that particular postcode for a few weeks and taking yourself up north.

A Northern Territory winter has to be one of the better success stories as far as the seasons go. And since you've made it up this far, you owe yourselves a treat. Keep some time on your itinerary for Bamurru Plains. It's one very special destination.

Situated just west of the Kakadu National Park border, on the Mary River floodplains, Bamurru is an extraordinary bush experience. Watching herds of huge Asian buffalo strolling a few feet from your tent each morning and evening, you'd be forgiven for thinking you'd strayed into the game parks of Africa.

This system is home to one of the largest crocodile densities in the world. On a river cruise along the Sampan Creek on one of the nights of our three-day stay, we stop counting at 15 big salties lazing metres away on the muddy banks. It's a nature lover's paradise, with wallabies, magpie geese and endless other varieties of creatures.

There are loads of activities to keep you occupied between dawn and dusk, but don't miss their signature offering, a guided airboat tour that roars you across the floodplains amongst creatures great and small. It's a Miami Vice moment you won't forget in a hurry.

Yes, you'll pay top dollar but sometimes you just have to - the professional staff and gourmet catering at Bamurru are second to none. Believe me ... it's worth every single cent. It really is a world class destination.

Leave your aircraft at Swim Creek Station, on the property's own airstrip. We took in a Cirrus SR20, a Falco, a C182 and a C210 and found the surface and parking area very decent. Camp staff will happily do 4WD transfers to and from the airstrip to the resort.  We had flown across from Gove and refuelled at Jabiru, then it was just a half-hour flight north-west to the Swim Creek Station strip. As usual when you're planning at any unfamiliar ALA, talk to someone who can provide you with all the strip details you'll need. Bamurru management will do this for you.