Destination : Tasmania


For a small island with a tiny population – Tasmania packs a punch in the beauty stakes. Not overburdened with tropical heat and sunshine, Tassy is best enjoyed in the cocoon of a large wooly jumper and a sturdy wind-breaker. A lot of Australians call this our little England.  Retirees love it – you should see the rose gardens.

However, what’s been emerging successfully over the past dozen years is its ability to satisfy even the most discerning traveller. If you are into bushwalking, bird watching, wine tasting, or if history is your thing – you are going to love Tasmania.

You’ll hardly use up a tank of fuel if you fly from one coast to the other, and there are some seriously high mountains in the south-west that would make for a nail-biting experience if you flew them in any sort of weather, but the coastal flying is pretty fantastic.

Lilydale Flying Ops in Victoria’s Yarra Valley know all about the best landing strips down this way – as do, obviously, the local operators like Tasair, Par-Avion, Freycinet Air, Tasmanian Aero Club.  Here’s a recent safari we flew, taking in that gorgeous north coast.