Destination : Queensland


Queensland’s show pony – the unforgettable coastline of the Gold Coast.

There are SO many good reasons for flying around Queensland. All those visions you have of a tropical drop-dead gorgeous slice of Australia are totally true, and so easy to fly into. We just put that theory to the test and spent a fortnight, during Covid, exploring some of the state’s most incredible outback and coastal destinations. Check out our recent Queensland safari here. 

And here’s another CRACKER OF A TRIP we did last year.

You’re going to love the approach into Hamilton Island.

Queensland is a mother of a size, and with that comes a staggering array of different weather conditions.

Why not fly all the way up to Cooktown? Beaches & sunshine every day!

Naturally it’s hot as hell out west in the Summer, but if you’re head down at the Barrier Reef with your snorkel on, who cares? It grabs the headlines during the hot months with all the cyclone action and we all know when it rains up here, man it rains.

But if you plan to go in winter, most of the time you’ll be rewarded with beautiful balmy days, plenty of sunshine and a pretty tame prevailing sou-easterly.

Longreach airport … historical home of Qantas

Rossy gets amongst the big catch of Red Emperor at Haggerstone Island.

I am here to declare that, as adventurous travellers, it is our solemn duty to get on out there and support each and every one of these fabulous hospitality providers up in the sunshine state.

And that goes for all the other states across Australia too. You will find a visit behind the scenes on one of these huge cattle stations or farming properties to be one of the most memorable experiences you’ll have. I promise.

Joining in on a Shandonvale Station muster – all part of your stay.

There are scores of incredibly beautiful landscapes on offer. If you haven’t given it a go, make an excuse to fly over Queensland’s Gulf Country – it’s different every time I see it.

Mother Nature’s artwork along the Gulf coastline.

As a State of Origin Queenslander, I’ve got a soft spot for our sunshine state. How about considering some time away from the coast and heading outback for your next holiday? Bring the kids, and spend some time in red dust territory, getting to know the wonderful people who call this their home.

Your little aeroplane is parked across the road … easy to keep an eye on through the bottom of your glass.

Pull up a stool at the front bar of the Birdsville Pub and try and keep the grin off your face.

Our list of Queensland favourites is getting longer and longer … c’mon, out ya come!