Vintage selection in Eden Valley

I was contacted this week by the owners of Hutton Vale Farm, a beautiful 2000 acre property in the north-eastern hills of the Barossa's Eden Valley.

Since I've got my work cut out for me trying to fly around and discover all the destinations that Australia has to offer, I love it when a new one is thrown onto my radar via an email. Here's a quick peek.

I don't know about you, but I haven't given the Barossa nearly enough of my attention to date. Several years ago, I was guest speaker at the Saturday night dinner during the planned Barossa Airshow, so a few planeloads of us flew down and made a weekend out of it.

We landed at Rowland Flat, a small grass strip in postcard surroundings, bordered on all sides by rows and rows of promising looking bunches of grapes.

Anyway, the weather came in something shocking that Friday night (sideways rain, HAIL, disgusting winds) so the airshow was cancelled. In the interests of safety, we yanked on another hitch to the tie-down ropes and were forced to stay on for the weekend and weather the storm.

We stayed, from memory, in Tanunda. I know we were surrounded by a dangerous number of fine wineries and what, seriously, are you supposed to do when they throw open their doors?

All that was far too long ago, so I plan to visit the Angas family at Hutton Vale, and will happily report back my findings. Better still, no need to wait for me - why not fill your aircraft or the Kingswood with sunny company and head off to meet them yourself? If anyone beats me to it, let's know how you get on.

Here's the door you'll need for more info:  They have a special aviator's package (find it on the website, under their Experiences heading) which includes the availability of a well maintained grass airstrip right at the accommodation, catering, loan car, and the promise of no shortage of companions who'll join you in a cold beer or a vat or two of their favourite vintage.



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