Instructor Rating

In the Jan/Feb 2017 issue of Australian Flying Magazine, I've written up the saga of my very recent journey through the Flight Instructor Rating. As is my style, it's a warts and all version, but it's my way of saying if you've ever toyed with the idea of doing the instructor rating, DO IT! You'll learn aerodynamic principles from the ground up, you'll add some finesse to those airborne skills, and it hands you a couple of months of golden opportunities to ask a thousand questions of your CFI.

I don't even believe you need to be looking for a career as an instructor - though I bet you want to when you've done the course - it's just a sensational way to acquire more confidence as a commercially licensed pilot. Along the path of my flying career, I admit I have always loved the learning journey. The various ratings and endorsements have given my flying real challenges, often difficult targets and a great amount of satisfaction.

For the instructor rating, I chose Curtis Aviation at Camden, in Sydney's south-west, under the incredibly  experienced teachings of CFI, Craig Marshall. I have three words:  Very Good Choice. I think I was a challenging student, but a few more months of therapy should sort Craig out.

Here's a few pics to give you the idea.

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