Good times on Curtis flyaway

The latest Curtis Aviation mini-safari down to Merimbula on the NSW South Coast scored a major thumbs-up from all the crews. Just one night away over last weekend, with three aircraft and nine crew, we all took so much away from the weekend.

Organised by Curtis instructor, Catherine Fitzsimons and myself, we took a mix of low-hour student pilots, private pilots and a complete non-flyer - all of whom had a ball. There were lots of introductions needed on day one, as most came along on their own. Easily fixed, and there were several new friendships made before landing back at Camden on Sunday afternoon.

Apart from flying low level down the scenic coastal route past Nowra, local flying around Merimbula and calling in at the beautiful Frogs Hollow airfield about 10nm away, we took to the water on an oyster punt for Saturday afternoon, had a fantastic dinner that night at Wheelers seafood restaurant at Pambula and even managed to hit the beach on Sunday morning.

Getting out of the Sydney Basin, even for just the weekend, is an incredible way of introducing pilots to the wonderful world of safari flying, and gives them the confidence to start planning their own. I'll let the pics tell the story.

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