Canada here we come…

In the wake of our off-the-charts fun air safari in Southern Africa in 2011, we're pulling our touring boots on again in a couple of weeks (August 2013). This time, we're heading over to Canada's "outback" on a 16-day self-fly safari with Air Safaris International. They have organised what looks to be a great itinerary that goes something like this.

We pick up the aircraft in Toronto, fly up-country for a night or two, then on to Quebec, follow the St Lawrence River out to the maritime islands like Prince Edward and Cape Breton to the east, through Nova Scotia and back along the northern bank of Lake Ontario to Toronto via Niagara Falls. It's about 35 hours of flying in all. Rossy & I are hiring a local C172 and our friends are in a C182 and a C182RG. We have two nights at most places so there's some chill time to take in the food, the people and the highlights of wherever we've pulled up.

As long as the local French speaking ATC don't give me as much grief as our Swahili mates in Africa, I might come out the other end of this a bit less stressed.

There's going to be some adventures either side of the flying, like a great train ride through the Rockies and some hopefully up-close grizzly bear viewing, so I'll post any photos and interesting info as we go ...

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