Haggerstone Island Safari

Haggerstone Island Safari

To appreciate the scene here, I'm needing you to kick your shoes off, probably put an icy cold beer in your hand, and let your mind wander to driftwood beach huts and fishing hauls to die for.

Picking the right time of year for this safari was a key part of its success. Our group took off from Sydney and Melbourne on 27th August and returned on 11th September. Apart from a few days with the occasional puffy cloud whilst we were staying up on the island, we scored 16 days of CAVOK. No cloud, zilch!

We planned a mix of familiar stop-overs with new ones, station stays with town stays, inland and coastal destinations.

I've added most of these destinations we visited to my "Destinations" section with plenty of pics to whet the appetite.

You'll find Trilby Station & Langmorn Station. The whole story on the fabulous Haggerstone Island is here too. Then of course old favourites like Birdsville and Karumba are always here for you.

Check out the Haggerstone Island gallery and you'll get the picture.