Faraway Bay Safari

Knockout destination, great waypoints

This was a particularly enjoyable route. It took us two weeks and, as usual, we took off at the end of August. Such divine weather for flying the outback.

The various towns and stations we stayed enroute was fabulous but there was a standout.  Check out some enroute pics here.

Take a load off ... you've earned it.

We found Faraway Bay in a glossy coffee table book so that should have started ringing the alarm bells. But no, by the time we realised it was going to set us back a few more dollars than we'd like, we'd seen enough to be in, boots & all. I always say, if you're planning the trip of a lifetime, you may as well not hold back on your destinations.

Let me tell you, it was worth every single cent. A beautifully remote resort with incredible fishing, swimming, food, ambience, adventure ... you name it.  You're going to love Faraway Bay ... follow me.