African Safari

AFRICA - we made it !!!

And the rainbow even came out! Oh God, above Victoria Falls & more tears!

And the rainbow even came out! Overhead Victoria Falls - major bucket list day.

Possibly two of the most incredible weeks in my life, I'm extremely excited to bring you the highlights of our self-fly African Air Safari. In a nutshell: 14 people, four Southern African countries, eight aircraft, (three of which were filled with we Australians and a couple of Kiwi mates), and countless extraordinary memories of the four-legged variety.

Have a browse through my photo gallery to get a taste of what made this trip so life-changing, and why you should seriously consider Africa as a flying destination yourself.

I've laid out the  whole story of our African adventures over two issues of Australian Flying magazine. The features have piqued the interest of several adventurous pilots here in Australia who are madly planning to head over with multiple friends and fly the safari themselves. Great outcome!

Read Part 1 of the story in Australian Flying here. Part II is here.

If there's anything you're curious about, feel free to contact me with any queries.


The breakfast room at Chikwenya.

Our Down Under crew (left to right) Dennis, Peter, Sharon, Lynne, Judith, Garth, Shelley, Rossy