• Val's Gallery

    Speaking of "Recent Trips", I have a friend who's always flying people around the outback. She's forever sending me wonderful images of what she's currently flying over, usually whilst I'm having a riotous time choosing cat food in Coles.  I thought I'd devote a new photo gallery to Val's images so that we can all share ...  enjoy!

  • Bindara Station

    Tea from the billy on the banks of the Darling River. It doesn't get much better than this. Here's an absolute gem of the outback. You'll never forget your stay at Bindara

  • Langmorn & Old Station

    We've just returned from a fly-in visit to possibly the most beautiful airfield in the country. The Old Station at Raglan .... follow me.

  • Louth & Trilby Station

    Owned and run by aviators, Trilby makes a wonderful gateway to the outback on any safari. Read more.

  • Haggerstone Island

    Get your fishing gear on and join Shelley Ross on Haggerstone Island - one of the Great Barrier Reef's best-kept secrets. Welcome ashore ...

  • Kallara Station

    One hundred & fifty thousand acres of working sheep station on the banks of the Darling River is waiting for your visit. Come on out to Kallara ...

  • Lightning Ridge

    It's hot, it's dusty and it's definitely quirky. Do not leave the outback before you've spent some time with the locals at the Ridge.


  • Canada

    It's French, it's beautiful and it's marinading in lusty history. Join us on a tour through Eastern Canada.

  • Girls Day Out

    How to beat the Thursday blues .... take an aircraft, three good mates, add a couple of knockout destinations and point the nose skywards. Welcome to Rylstone ...

  • Canadians tour Down Under

    Come on tour as we show a group of touring Canadians the pearls of our southern NSW Sapphire Coast.

  • News from The Old Station

    Avgas now available! I was talking to Leonie Creed & her son Ron the other day, from the beautiful Langmorn Station, just inland of Rockhampton.

  • Curtis Aviation students let loose

    Flying students from Curtis Aviation in Sydney's south-west get a taste of safari flying on a mini-getaway down the NSW coast. Confidence in numbers ... that's what it's all about.  Read more ...

  • The Lily Dutch Windmill, WA                                             

    With some oh-so-rare time on my hands, I've gathered up some brand new images and tons of reasons for you to put my latest find on your radar, the stunning Lily Dutch Windmill in the south-west corner of WA. Fly or drive - you've just gotta get yourself a leave pass. Go check it out here.

  • Rylstone

    Last weekend Rob Loneragan hopped off his ride-on mower for long enough to have 100 of us out to his place at Rylstone for an Open Day and arguably the best hangar dinner you could muster.

  • Girls just wanna have fun ...

    Well, that worked !!  

    Check out the Blog page for some highlights & pics.

  • Faraway Bay Safari

    We're baaaaack !!  OK, I'm being serious here -

    you have ABSOLUTELY GOT to get up to Faraway Bay, on the northern Kimberley coast. 

    Read more


    Eighteen months in the planning, our African safari is over -12 nights, 18 hours flying, 14 people, eight aircraft, countless memories.

    Read more.