Birdsville is a destination you'll never forget and it truly is quintessential outback Australia.

If you go searching, you'll find enough written about Birdsville to fill a library but here's just a few things. Unless you like frying eggs on your hat, go in winter. And if you set off by 4WD, ignore the road closure signs at your peril. The locals spend a great deal of time pulling travellers out of bogs after any rain, or hauling them out of sand dunes if they forgot to get clued-up on sand dune driving before they set off!

A lot of people may have heard of Birdsville because of its annual race meet. The Birdsville Races are quite without equal anywhere I can think of in the civilised world and are held every year on the first Saturday in September. A friend of mind celebrated his 40th birthday a few years ago by chartering two planes from Melbourne, filled them with his mates, and headed up to Birdsville for the most hilarious long weekend they can remember. Read the story here.

The pub is the beginning and end of civilisation around Birdsville, so give them a call on 07 4656 3244 or visit

Birdsville was my very first destination when I got my pilots licence. I joined a group of pilots and instructors from Warnervale Air on the NSW Central Coast who were going up for the Birsdville Races. Despite coinciding with a horrendous dust storm, this turned out to be the funniest four days of my life, so when I came home I wrote a story about it. Just for fun, I posted it in to Australian Flying Magazine. Well, that was a good idea. I sat in the Editor's chair for the next nine years and have been writing for them now since 1999. I blame Birdsville!